Jean Meets Edith

jeanparker.jpgThe stunning Jean Parker, best known to Laurel & Hardy buffs as the lovely Georgette, the object of Oliver Hardy’s affection in The Flying Deuces, passed away on November 30, 2005. Jean had an illustrious Hollywood career starring in over seventy-five films. She also worked in Zenobia, Hal Roach’s 1939 attempt to team Oliver Hardy with Harry Langdon during a contract dispute with Stan Laurel.

Among Jean’s films, she co-starred in three with Our Gang star Edith Fellows, most notably in Life Begins with Love in 1937. Here is a photo of the two starlets together:


Jean Parker was highly reclusive in her later years; unfortunately most fans never got the opportunity to meet her- and due to poor health, she seldom, if ever, responded to fan mail. But not long before she passed away, she was visited by Edith Fellows at the Hollywood Motion Picture home and the reunited pair were photographed together. In addition, she autographed a very limited number of photos of her with Laurel and Hardy during this visit. These photos along with a photo of Jean and Edith taken inĀ 2003 are exceptionally rare and will be displayed in the debut issue of “The Wax Apple!”

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