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Candid Photos from “The Flying Deuces”

fly.jpgIn the Summer of 1939, a Nebraska college group took a field trip to Hollywood to visit the great motion picture empire of the West. One of the most memorable stops they made was at the General Studios in Hollywood, where Laurel and Hardy’s newest feature The Flying Deuces was being filmed. Student Bob Lichty had the foresight to have his camera at the ready, and snapped a few great shots of Stan and Babe – as well as one of the evil Commandant Charles Middleton. He took the opportunity to get a photo with an old friend of the boys who was visiting the set, too – former Roach employee Harold Lloyd. (more…)

Tiny Sandford: Bigger Than We Thought

doublewhoopee.jpgStanley “Tiny” Sandford provided Laurel and Hardy with one of their most menacing adversaries by sheer virtue of his incredible girth. Often we see him portraying an officer of the law – or least someone laying it down for Stan and Ollie. Filmographies generally agree that Tiny appeared in 23 films with the boys, so we can assume that this number is correct, right? In the immortal words of Stan Laurel, “uh-uh.” (more…)

Viola Richard: Where Did She Went?

viola-in-should.jpgViola Richard has been one of the most asked-about and frequently misinformed-about co-stars in the entire Laurel and Hardy repertoire. With a face and physique like Viola’s, it’s easy to see why. She understandably fluttered the hearts of fans everywhere with her appearances alongside the boys in six of their silent films: Why Girls Love Sailors, Sailors Beware, Do Detectives Think?, Flying Elephants, Leave ‘Em Laughing, and Should Married Men Go Home? She is also featured most notably in the 1928 Charley Chase silent Limousine Love.

But outside of her film appearances in 1927 and 1928 at the Hal Roach Studios, Viola seemed to have all-but-vanished into thin air. Why would this actress destined to break the hearts of many young men in film fandom drop completely out of sight after such an auspicious career beginning? It is my distinct privilege to bring you the up-until-now unknown facts about one of the fairest of them all. (more…)

Jean Meets Edith

jeanparker.jpgThe stunning Jean Parker, best known to Laurel & Hardy buffs as the lovely Georgette, the object of Oliver Hardy’s affection in The Flying Deuces, passed away on November 30, 2005. Jean had an illustrious Hollywood career starring in over seventy-five films. She also worked in Zenobia, Hal Roach’s 1939 attempt to team Oliver Hardy with Harry Langdon during a contract dispute with Stan Laurel.

Among Jean’s films, she co-starred in three with Our Gang star Edith Fellows, most notably in Life Begins with Love in 1937. Here is a photo of the two starlets together: (more…)

“Out Please!”

Karl SloverTypical of all Sons of the Desert Conventions thus far is that they have all been held in hotels with elevators. This has left ample opportunity to bellow out yet another ridiculous line of dialogue from the films of our favorite funnymen. From the back of a crowded elevator, we will often hear in a baritone voice, “Out Please!” A worthy trivia question to follow might be: who played the midget who spoke this line in Block-Heads? Most likely, even from the most skilled contestant, the response will be: Harry Earles. But now we know – ’tisn’t so.

When the exhaustive filmography was compiled in the McCabe-Kilgore-Bann Laurel and Hardy bible, many faces were matched with names by using an illustrated casting directory. Harry Earles, as it turns out, was the spitting image of another midget performer named Karl “Karchy” Kosicsky. (more…)

Charlie Hall Elevated in Stature

It has been generally accepted that Charlie Hall appeared in 46 films with Laurel and Hardy. In the invaluable tome Laurel and Hardy by John McCabe, Al Kilgore, and Richard W. Bann, it is noted that he worked with the boys in 47 films – but this included Charlie’s deleted appearance in Oliver the Eighth.

All filmographies to date only show Mr. Hall appearing in 46 films with Stan and Babe, but now it can be reported that Charlie Hall actually appeared on screen in 47 films with the boys. (more…)