L&H Hated “This Is Your Life” – Pt. 1

Here is the orginal TV Guide article on the boys from April 1955 (along with the issue’s cover) indicating their supposed feelings about their This Is Your Life TV appearance – and also their thoughts on the showing of their films on television. Sounds like the author of the article made some embellishments to their quotes. (more…)

lectures on art and color

You’ve seen people naked. Quite an auspicious opening line, eh? Anyway, you’ve seen people naked. And photos of your favorite celebrities fully clothed are few and far between. But when your favorite celebrity poses nude, there’s always a bit of shock value. It’s the forbidden fruit, the guilty pleasure of seeing the uncommon.

The same might be said for seeing our favorite vintage stars in color. When it comes to Laurel and Hardy, I must admit that there is nothing quite so cool as to see the boys in living color. Probably the simple reason for this is that there are so few photographs and so few reels of film that show them in this fashion. I’ll never forget one time back in the mid-nineties a member of the Sons wrote to me inquiring about my tent newsletter Dante’s Info. He had heard that I had printed color in a couple of issues and was interested in getting copies of these particular volumes. He was not interested in the content of the newsletter, nor of what the color photos in question even were; the fact that I had used color at all was enough for him. (more…)

Charlie Hall Elevated in Stature

It has been generally accepted that Charlie Hall appeared in 46 films with Laurel and Hardy. In the invaluable tome Laurel and Hardy by John McCabe, Al Kilgore, and Richard W. Bann, it is noted that he worked with the boys in 47 films – but this included Charlie’s deleted appearance in Oliver the Eighth.

All filmographies to date only show Mr. Hall appearing in 46 films with Stan and Babe, but now it can be reported that Charlie Hall actually appeared on screen in 47 films with the boys. (more…)